Wednesday, December 15, 2004


Yes, Bloggers, Friday is fast approachin again--Wednesday is really like de Half-Way-Tree ov da week isn't it? Like a tangible midpoint. Anyway we're almost there--although this whole week seems somewhat festive.
Bakin' officially begins this weekend, and added to de regular fruit cake and puddin', De Piggy will be makin' a spiced-carrot cake--we got de idea from Mr. Pig's office get-together last week. (I call it a "get-together" instead ov a party, because just like mine, it was an extremely understated 1-2 hours ov elevator music--but de menu was good; de carrot cake was delicious.) I'll bake it de healthier way though, substitutin yoghurt, fruit juice, and extra carrots for milk, sugar, and butter; soh I'll be hittin de supermarket wif mi cousin this evenin--ah don't want to be in ANY store traffic after today--because from this Thursday til Christmas Day, de procrastinators should be out in full force--be fairly warned, Bloggers!
There's not a fing goin' on today, so I'll just wish you a great day, and say, "Kiss De Pig, luv!"


Jdid said...

have a great day as well piggy

Abeni said...

That carrot cake sound real good even though I not big on cake.Have a good day

Sunshine said...

Hi Melody-I haven't been able to blogg today. Just got behind with tings. However, yu carrot cake, also one of my favorite sweet delights, your recepie sounds good. Yu gwan put cream cheese frosting on it-right. But real cream cheese doah, nun of de fat free sinting.
Puddin', what kinda a puddin'. I have a mean recipe for Sweet Potato puddin.
I have three most gifts to get but those aren't too bad like the one for de boss, which I found at Crate and Barrel. De mall hasn't been that bad at all, even last weekend, I've seen it more crowded than that. Anyway, tonight again I'm going to finish up yu hear-FINISH UP.
Have a great day.

Melody said...

Fanks very much, Jdid, Abeni, and Sunshine. Abeni, de carrot cake IS really good. Yes, Sunshine, finish up soon; ah won't use de fat-free cream cheese by itself, cause it really noh taste too hot fe true, but ah goin' blend some fat-free an' some regular Neufchatel together wif a teenzy-weenzy bit ov sour cream to get the richness of whole-milk cream cheese. (For de recipe, everyfing is de same as de normal carrot cake, but ah find that the jelly texture ov apple/carrot-puree is a sweet natural fat-free butter; and then instead ov sugar ah blend raisins, sweet orange, RIPE cantaloupe or even some speckled ripe banana; and then ah mix de puree and de fruit blend together just like how yu woulda mix out sugar and butter together.) As for de puddin', a regular Christmas puddin mi a bake (although ah woulda try out yu potato-puddin, if mi can hear de secret recipe! :-))

Anonymous said...

carrot cake is my favorite (after PIGGIES!!! :) I have a good fat free recipie - pineapple and applesauce - ya know the drill!) but yours sounds good - please email me the recipie!

Here trying to recover from my big cook up.


Princess P

Anonymous said...

CARROT CAKE??? DID I HEAR CARROT CAKE??? Damn! I need to stay at this site. HAM galore and carrot cake for dessert!

Well, I must make a Royal appeal to the Princess to taste the carrot cake of HRH while she is gracing yard with her presence. Failing that. I'll have to ask Mel da Pig to Fed Ex me a cake..... (along with some lean ham slices!) Kiss Kiss :-)) Dr. D.

Melody said...

Hey, Princess, good ta hear from yu as usual. Ah goin' post de carrot cake recipe pon mi Blog, like how Sunshine did post de Punch a Creme recipe. (Did you check it out?) I'll do it over de weekend, soh yu can come back an' read it.
But Dr. D, it look like all a wi love de carrot-cake! If de Pigly family mek it to JA for carnival or 2-week vacation next year, then me can deliver yu cake in person, Fed-Ex won't be necessary! However, regardin some slices ov De Piggy's hammish side . . .