Monday, December 20, 2004

Snow Day

'Twas a wonderful weekend, indeed, luv. Short and spicy. Then just as de weekend ended, de snow-storm started--ah wasn't too concerned about it when ah first heard about it; you know how de media can get people worked up wif these weather-watches, anyway turns out today is a snow day--not that it's snowin now, but it snowed all ov last evening and throughout last night, and the weather-person expects that we'll get more shear ice as de day goes on.
Anyway, must tell yu bout this: Ah heard a J'can lady complainin to another lady at de gas-station's check-out counter last night, that she didn't want her God-daughter spendin this Christmas wif her. (It had some-fing to do wif a lighter, an aerosol can, and an innocent snowman whose head was melted off at de godmother's house last year courtesy ov a fiery trick that de teenage girl learnt at a UWI dance wif Renaissance at de Maritime Centre in JA.) Anyway, to a captive audience, de woman preached in no uncertain terms about what a hooligan de girl was--"Yu si mi dyin' trial! That kinda behaviour from a bwoy wouldn't be so bad, but from a girl!" But then as she was leavin, she said to her friend, "Come wi hurry up and goh pick har up before she bun down de airport, yaah!" And ah realized that they were gassin up to go pick up de very same girl at de airport. De Piggy didn't fink that was such a great idea at all--if she doesn't want de girl there, how's she goin' to treat her once she picks her up? People doin' things that they don't want to do has to be one ov de major deterrents to world peace--'cause they'll have to let out their passive-aggressive resentment somewhere some time! And they could be standin right next to you or me when they finally let loose. Anyway, let's hope none ov them gets next to us today. Enjoy your day--and Kiss De Pig, luv!


Sunshine said...

Good morning Melody. I only hope you love snow.
What a topic this morning to contemplate after reading that horrifying story with the aerosol can and lighter. The only thing I can say is that I don't believe young people who behave in this manner were taught the "right" values from her elders. Action produces consequences, and the consequences whether good or bad is the element that tells us whether it's right or wrong. Right or wrong, the person committing those acts are responsible for those results. Apparently, this young girl has never been held accountable for her actions. It all starts from the examples we learn from our home. We are a product of our environment.
I hope this godmother teaches her god-daughter to think independently on her own and not follow or get caught up in stupid and dangerous acts like this. Somehow, I don't think this will happen in this case.
Have a great week.

Anonymous said...

She will smile and show her a good face.You know some people real good at putting up a front.I admit to finding the snowman story funny though

Abeni said...

Sorry Melody but Anonymous was me.

Scratchie said...

Hi Piggy. But I would think that if she didn't want her there she could have said no. The poor girl was probably just trying out something she saw. I hope that she isn't using one incident to cast judgement on the girl for life.
Anyways, I gots to go. Much work to do and many blogs to read. Kiss Kiss.

Jdid said...

lol, you are right about that passive aggressive thing doah. boy nuff time i duz gotta hold me tongue an do thigs i doan wanta do an den any little thing duz set ya off

Anonymous said...

Back to catch up tonite. Dr. D.

Melody said...

Sunshine, that godmother never did sound like de type to go de extra mile and play de mother role--unfortunately, she just sounded really harsh in general. Have a great weekend as well.
Kami, yu shoulda seen how vexed the woman was when some customers started laughin at she and har complainin--but after we realized that she was goin' to pick up de girl, her situation suddenly seemed weird. Still, maybe she WILL be showin de girl a good face over Christmas dinner--stranger fings have happened.
Kiss Kiss, Scratchie! True--some people prefer to say yes all de time and complain, rather than say no sometimes and be happy--and then they cast the other person as the villain in their misery. A life. GOOD to have you back.
Cuhdear den, Jdid! (As you woulda say!) Hopefully, yu don't get stuck doin' what yu don't want to do too often--time is barely enough as it is--although realistically sometimes we hardly have any choice in de matter.
Doc, everyfing criss 'cause yu done know yu a VIP inna de Pigdom!

Stu said...

I love snow, but only for a week or two at a time :)

Anonymous said...

Ms P!!
I always wanted to find an inanimate object that would truely give a gratifing result to the aerosol flambeau thingy.... since I saw it at some dance hall show I attended in my youth (Yellowman was the featured artiste, so you know how loooong ago that was!! :)
Here in Jamdown soaking up some culture - dance, dub poetry, choral delights - we are so gifted as a people!
Keep warm Piggy - now I have internet again, I will be in better touch!
Kiss, Kiss, (oh - thanks for the carrot cake recipie)
Princess P

Melody said...

Princess, have a great time inna JA--ah woulda luv to be there wif you, but De Piggy's gotta stay in de freezer for now. BTW, concernin' recipes, I'm better at de practical than I am at de theory; nonetheless, ah was pleased ta give it a shot for you and Sunshine. Soak up some sun fe mi! Kiss-Kiss!