Tuesday, December 07, 2004

Frozen Pork

Snow, Bloggers; and a one-hour delay at the pampered Piglet's school--and today of all days, when ah was supposed to make the somewhat long drive this evenin to see a very good friend (Syri, whom De Piggy met in grad school where we became fast friends). Ah don't know if there'll be more snow--it's not so bad now--but ah fink ah can live wif at least another year of 'phone calls and e-mails until Syri's next visit. In other words, ah shouldn't chance the drive--me an bad-weather drivin a noh friend--and it's silly to do someting that yu KNOW yu shouldn't do (like when Ivana tek off har skirt an' show everybody har baggy--an' Trump let har goh). De Piggy's not Ivana, mi skirt's still on, and I won't do the long drive. Not much more to say--hectic start to a hectic day--but ah couldn't neglect mi Blog. I'm growing just as attached to Blogdom as mi husband is growin attached to Mad Bull's blog. Ah hope yu all have a nice day, luv--kiss De Pig.


Anonymous said...

Me late to, but had to drop een to chups the Pig! Dr. D. BTW, would it be the 'Natural Beauty' section of the Bull's blog that your hubby seems to be getting addicted to?! ;-))

Scratchie said...

Hi Piggy,
I chose books over blogs this morning. If you feel uncomfortable with the drive don't do it, yuh hear. I'm sure your friend would prefer to hear from you via telephone rather than to hear about you via telephone, nuh true? Discretion being the better part of valor.

Melody said...

Doc, fanks a lot; yu know, ah wouldn't be at all surprised if that's the part of de Blog that is intriguing mi husband! Scratchie, have fun beatin the books soh yu can perform to yu usual high standards. (And,yeah, I'll take de drive some other time.)

Jdid said...

yea piggy stan home no sense driving in bad weather if ya doan have ta

Anonymous said...

I agree with everyone else Piggy. When too much snow pon dutty, is time for all l'll piggies to say a yard!
Besides, us ladies should always follow our intutition nuh true!

Melody said...

Yes, Ciya, yu know de ting! Nutten beat woman's intuition! (But based on Doc's comment above, him above some pretty good intuition to! :-))

Anonymous said...

You all need to check what Darwin has to say about people wid plenty melanin and snow. My skin likes equipping itself to block strong sunshine!!!....Now this from a girl who has taken white Christmases for the last 3 years (the skiing bug did bite me!) Not this year tho"!!
My brother just moved to Calgary - is begging me to come and spend Christmas with him and look some Mooses in the eye (listen man.....It just aint gonna happen!!)
Keep safe Piggy - I have done the near accident in the snow ting - not pretty at all!!!
As for the solicitation of funds...reminds me of ladies of the nite... (ha ha, dont ask what I ended up doing for a living!!)
Kiss Kiss
Princess P

Melody said...

Serious fing, Princess, de school dem really a train de pickney dem fi solicit fe true! So . . . de Princess is a snowbunny and a cutey-pie on skis, huh? Cool, cool, cool!