Friday, December 24, 2004

Glad 4 A New Day

Wednesday was a somewhat heavy day, so De Piggy does welcome Thursday. I've been workin' off-site in recent weeks and merely goin' in to pick up or drop off mi work, or for departmental consultation and such. Wif frequent progress reports and one ov mi computers constantly chuggin away wif company documents in PageMaker and Office Suite, it seemed like this arrangement would've lasted well into 2005--hopefully de year ov Piglet #2, which is why mi husband and I've been eatin green leaves and tryin to rearrange mi work schedule in anticipation and advance ov next year. I'm findin' that ah like takin' mi work home wif me; it's great! And workin' from my home-office enhances mi productivity--there are no distractin' big-bucks earners second-guessin' their various admins' grammar, and askin', "Mel, isn't there a better way for me to say this?" or, "Mel, how would you write this?" Plus, ah had time ta learn Bloggin!
Alas, yestry-day, an admin misplaced de folder that contained mi summary ov four quarterly Sub-strategic Initiatives; she insisted that she never got it from me--although we both knew that ah dropped it off, replete wif a read-only soft file and spreadsheets crunched to de department's best advantage--on snowy Monday. We'd even exchanged pleasantries over Vanilla Chai. Eventually, she found de document--after her exec, who disapproves ov work-at-home flexibility, sounded off at Da Piggy. >:-(
His apology was a brush-off, at best. He and de likewise stingy, unethical company are inflamed hemhorroids wif no regard for their internal or external customers. This flexible schedule has some serious drawbacks, so de Pigly family definitely has stuff to work out in that regard. Have a better day, luv!


Abeni said...

Piglet no 2 eh.Somebody already made their New Year Resolution! Don't mind the brush off apology because you still had the satisfaction of knowing they were wrong and you were right.

Scratchie said...

Unethical? stingy? Inflamed Hemhorrroids? ...Piggy?
Piggy? Good morning. Somebody got da Melody off on a wrong oink this morning. Hush, no bodda mek dem get you out. I wish I had the option of home working. I know it has some drawbacks but it has some positives too. Just evaluate and re evaluate and decide as it goes. Do what works for you.
Most of all...SMILE!!!
Kiss Kiss

Sunshine said...

Miss Melody-Glad it's a better day for you. Now, yu is one heducated 'oman. Ratid. Sounds like you can teach me a thing or two about how fe write properly.
Yu know seh corporate types have to justify their positions. I find some of dem so self righteous wid dem tight arses.
Have a great day.

Anonymous said...

Have a great day Piggy. After all is nuh jealous dem jealous....good luck with Piglet No 2. Sounds like it a good resolution for 2005 altough after My Kidlets 3 mi dun fi true! :-)

Anonymous said...

Oh, almost could I....Have a great Christmas and Happy New Year to you and yours Piggie

Jdid said...

doan let them offset ya christmas spirit piggy. I had ta deal wid one or two jokers taday too but I decide i not stressing bout them people.

have a great christmas

Stu said...

As of hemhorrids were not bad enough, you had to wish inflamed hemhorrids on them :) Remind me never to cross you.

Anonymous said...

Merry Christmas Piggy. Still have to come by to catch up on reading. Dr. D.

Melody said...

Kami, de original resolution was to go home to JA and THEN have de second Piglet; but ah haven't made it back home yet, so de resolution's changed to havin' de next Piglet and THEN goin' back home in a couple ov years. Oh, well.
Scratchie, 'tis indeed Da Piggy; yeah, I'm re-evaluatin'. Kiss Kiss :-)
Sunshine, I've read your posts enough ta know that writin' is already your strong point; but you're more than welcome to De Piggy's opinion any time;-) ah do appreciate de compliment and your encouragement.
Ciya, after Piglet #2 I'll be makin' a new acquaintance--his name's Ligation. Tubal Ligation. Best wishes to you and your loved ones too!
Jdid, ah not stressin' any more over them; ah made up mi mind to enjoy what ah hope you're enjoyin' too: a happy holiday! :-)
Stu, they're as inflamed as it gets--no jesterin'!
Merry Christmas, Dr. D!