Monday, December 13, 2004

Start ov Da Week

Good Monday mornin, Bloggers. De weekend just rushed by, didn't it?
One minute a Friday, an' as mi blink, a Monday! Ah have quite a bit ov proofreading to do, but I'll fill you in on de bizarre part of mi weekend.
I wore mi husband's shirt (a roomy, breezy earth-tone that goes very well wif mi tan jeans) to de mall on Saturday. I knew I'd get back before he made it home from pickin up de pampered Piglet at a classmate's house--and ah was leavin in good time to do just that--but the leafy vegetables continue to take a toll on La Piggy's alertness, and as ah was rushin to de exit, ah suddenly realized that ah forgot de major fing that I'd gone to that mall to buy--de clutch-purse. Okay, ah decided, if ah move really fast, De Piggy can still get home before he does. Ah was SURE I'd be headin outta de store in no time--and I was; but as luck would have it, ah got snagged by a P-O-P display/Christmas tree right in front ov de slidin doors. Ah grabbed at the hem of mi coat to see where it got caught, but by the time ah realized that it wasn't mi coat, but actually de trim at the calf area of mi boot that had got caught, de guerilla cosmetic-clerk capitalized on de opportunity to take a good aim and shoot De Pork wif a big spritz of some brand name perfume--right pon de front a mi husban' shirt!! "This fragrance is a special sale; would you like another sample?" she asked. De Piggy just look pon har. She retreated. (She was just doin' her job, but sheesh!)
Ah finally separated the edge ov de display from de side of mi boot, and raced outside only to be slowed down by de parkin-lot traffic. OINK!! We got in at about de same time, and mi husband isn't pleased about de shirt. As we approach our tenth weddin-anniversary, De Piggy's summoned de power of de Sad Face many times--and it usually worked. (He'd become forgivin after a while, and say, "Is awright, Piggy; fix yu face, man.") Not this time. Mr. Pig is angry. I'll be callin on de power of Sunshine's Punch a creme--ah didn't get around to buyin de Bitters to put in de Punch yet--hopefully, it's a potent potion that will put Mr. Pig in a forgivin mood; but for now, it's as frosty indoors as it is outdoors. Gi de poor Piggy a kiss.


Anonymous said...

Got a good laugh out of the Piggy's misfortune. I wonder is which fragrance she go put pon you hubby shirt?

Still haven't purchased a damn 'ting yet myself. Might make a stop tomorrow evening on de way home.

Have a good week. Before you know it, Xmas come and gone jus like de weekend! :-( Dr. D. Oh, I almost forgot...Chupsie!

Sunshine said...

Hi Melody-Just cyan call you Pig. Yu funny still and I can just picture you dragging that display out the store with the combat boots.
But did you get the now infamous "clutch purse?"
Yes-give Mr. Pig the punch a creme, and yu may want to give his drink an extra spike of de rum eh. Mek him FORGET why him upset wid yu in the first place.

Jdid said...

I'm sure ya going to still try wearing the hubbies clothes when he aint looking. lol. I think he'll get over it though.

Melody said...

Doc, de perfume smell like L'Air du Temps--but mi noh certain. Yu know if yu wait too long, yu might end up spendin too much time and money in de last-minute bustle of activity; but still, happy shoppin!
Sunshine, if yu find that de name Piggy sound too coarse (LOL!), yu can keep callin me Melody. As long as you visit me, and me visit you and read some nice writing and de occasional recipe :-), De Piggy's good ta go! Oh YES, mi finally get de purse! What a relief.
Jdid, ah have a feelin this might be de last time ah trouble him shirts--but I help him select everyfing him wear, soh ah always end up likin' him clothes too much . . .

Scratchie said...

Hi Piggy, I know where the Mr. Pig is coming from but i had to get over it. I lose my shirts to both wife and son. My so is sixteen and is as tall as I am. He claims my clothes are out of fashion but yet he just goes and "borrows" them. If I follow him up I'll blow a blood vessel so....I just learnt to love it.
I haven't done any shopping yet either (lack of available resources) no money yet. Maybe weekend I guess.
You are definitely a literature person. My wifey would love to get hold of you to chat. She teaches English Language and Literature to high school.
Anywayz, has a good day. Kiss Kiss.

Melody said...

Scratchie, me love Literature an' language, y'noh! Your wife's career as an English Literature teacher is definitely one to which De Piggy can relate.

Anonymous said...

So why him so vex when you wear up him shirt? Tell him say him can wear your stuff too! That ought to fix it! ;-)
I can see him mashing up your sweetest pair of heels now! Heh Heeeeyyyyyy!
Mad Bull

Anonymous said...

Mad Bull, him don't mind if mi wear some ov them--but there are some specific ones that he's particular about, and I try to stay away from those--that shirt was one of those. Me always tell him that him can feel free to trouble anyfing of mine--but we all know de double-standard: a woman in men's clothes look stylish, a man in women's clothes look fey. :-)

Anonymous said...

One thing I miss about having a man in my life - wearing his clothes.... especially boxers! :) ANd if he wanna wear a thong???? Yeah baybeee!!! (as the pig would say!!)
Kiss Kiss
Princess P