Thursday, December 02, 2004

Piggy's Post-partum (after The Birth of Her Blog)

Ah, the day after! No post-partum depression, mind you; indeed, ah feel a Pigly high--and who said Piggy's couldn't fly? Firstly, fank yu all muchy ver (very much). De Piggy does appreciate you readin her blog. First ah wanna fank God for blessin me -- wif de mind to rhyme an 2 hype feet--oops! Oh no, De Piggy got carried away for a minute--that's not mi fank-you speech, that's MC Hammer's lyrics from Can't Touch This--an old Pigly favorite, mind you, just like the original Superfreak was--and don't we all still mourn the passin of one of the most powerful piggies--Rick James. Sincerely though, ah do THANK yu all very much for visitin. Indeed. There's really so much to oink about. Ah listened to Dear Pastess at last night (that's Dear Pastor for those of you who aren't familiar wif mi own peculiar Pig Latin). He's a laugh and a half, ah tell yu. He was broadcastin live from a toy store--the adult kind at that! Not toys for Piglets, but for grown hogs makin bacon--there are no words, there ARE no words! He's causin many swine to squeal in outrage or snort in amusement. De Piggy isn't outraged (after all she's a peculiar Pig--not a hog, a swine, or a sow!). Yes, Piggy can go wif the flow for the most part. Well, that's it for today, Bloggers. Time for Piggy to blog off, and get mi daily work done--don't forget to Kiss De Pig!


Angry Dog said...

What dis world coming to, we have a Bull, a Dog and now a Pig! Kiss di dread (no pun intended) such a colorful blogworld this is! Anyhow, I'm the AngryDog, a fellow transplanted yardie and member of the alleged "Jamaican Blogging Crew" (though it's more aptly titled the Caribbean/Candian Blogging Posse still, since u done know how we yardies very open!). Anyhow, welcome to bloh-dom and we do hope to hear much more from you! BTW, you can come visit my kennel any time at
Don't fret, I don't bite ;).


Scratchie said...

Hi Piggy,
Just passing through. I just wanted to concur with Dr.D's suggestion for you to visit sites, read a few posts and leave comments if you are comfortable. Blogland is like real life land, there are people who you will befriend and get to know as well as cyberspace will allow and there are others who remain unknown. There are blogs that you visit and right away you know that those people are a bit wrong. I visited one blog the other night and it just said white supremacist all over it not literally but by what was said so I moved on being the native Jamaican that I am.

So have fun.

Anonymous said...

Ok Melody (Piggy), I have finally made it here.

Like Angry D and Scratchie, I'd like to welcome you to the fold.

Since there's plenty of one of my favourite meats on offer here...PORK, ARNOLD, TRENTON...whateva you waan call it...I shall be back to full mi belly. Jus careful seh we nuh cook up you two back leg dem as ham for Christmas! ;-) Dr. D.

Anonymous said...

Hi Piggy,
Welcome to blog-dom. I am a transplanted Jamaican too, but I hail from Central Ontario ....really reads as snow and winter for most of the I too am into poetry. I post on the Tower of Babel Drop by anytime.


Melody said...

Scratchie, Cya, and Dr. D. Good to hear from yu on mi site. Hmm, Dr. D. is the ham lover who might try to take a bite, but this little rump-roast will still B stickin mi snout into his blog--De Piggy's somewhat slim, and thus runs very fast, yu know! Cya, ah must check out yu poetry soon; U and De Piggy share a passion.

Melody said...

Angry Dog, glad to have yu; and U'll C that ah left a question concernin your story wif the Wolmer's Girls in it on your site. Kiss de dread? That piques De Piggy's curiosity. Enlighten mi! Oh, and Scratchie, fanks for the timely tip!