Friday, December 10, 2004

Da Weekend

Da weekend is upon us, Bloggers, and De Piggy can feel de joy in Blogland. Startin tonight, I'm lookin forward to combing de malls wif a fine-toof comb, and pickin out de best bruk-pocket deals from da high-end chains--De Piggy's favourite pastime is bargain-hunting. Fanks for da comments yestry-day--mi slight misgivins have disappeared, an Da Pork will definitely be prevalent in da malls. (It just wouldn't do to approach de mall, stiflin mi conscience and feelin like Geoffrey--da Fresh Prince of Belair's butler--who became Marathon champ after him tek a taxi to some obscure spot near da finish line, wet up himself wif water, and then staggered to cross da finish line wif all de drama of a sweaty champ. What a conscience dat man never have, eeh!)
I'll be tryin' out Sunshine's rum and milk recipe--no, it's not de average "Chase it wid some milk fe mi, Bartenda!" Sunshine described it in a comment, and it seems sweet and savory indeed. Anyway, Bloggers, that's it for ta-day. Ah hope everybody has a GREAT WEEKEND! Kiss De Pig, luv!


Jdid said...

Enjoy the bargain hunting. I may actually try to reach a lil shopping this weekend but got to take it easy.

Scratchie said...

Do the malls for us both Piggy. I just love walking the malls in the Us. I've never been to Canada so no comments are possible. I am intrigued by the very size of the shopping ground.
I absolutely point blank refuse to go to the plazas again until I have something to spend. Maybe I'll pay them a short visit after I get paid next week.
Enjoy your weekend.
Kiss kiss

Melody said...

Thanks, Jdid and Scratchie. Scratchie, I'll wring out de malls for both of us. Have a great weekend, guys!

Sunshine said...

Hi Melody-Me and you this weekend Mall shopping-ratid. Dr. D. whey de Xanax!! It is going to be brutal this weekend.
Melody-I'll post the recipie for Punch a creme hopefully over the weekend-if I'm still alive.
Have a good one.

Melody said...

Sunshine, thanks for offerin to post de recipe. Ah was going to try and estimate the right amount of condensed milk and so on, but it will really simplify it when you write out everyfing. Yes, mi dear! Mek wi enjoy de mall fe true--even if wi can't find a good deal, wi still burn calories! :-)