Thursday, December 09, 2004

In Her Heart

After over a decade ov white Christmases, Bloggers, De Piggy doesn't mind them so much anymore--a bit ov spiked eggnog also helps da Dainty Pig to dodge Jack Frost for a moment. However, Jamaica is still mi heart's desire; so when yu drink up de island vibes, please take a sip for De Pig.
Ever done somefing that made yu question yourself? Yestry-day, someone was tellin me that she had no idea what gift to give one ov mi favourite in-laws. Now, purely by coincidence, I know exactly what that in-law wants--exactly which clutch purse in exactly which colour at exactly which outlet!--but ah offered the person a somewhat vague response about fings that ah know mi in-law might find genuinely appealin. Why didn't I tell the person about the specific clutch that topped mi in-laws wish list? Because I'M plannin to get it for mi in-law this weekend, and if ah recommended it to someone else, then I'd be stuck havin' to select a different gift at the last minute. As ah drove home last night, ah wondered about what I'd done: had De Piggy exhibited swine-like behaviour? Ah don't like the thought ov that--and this is such a simple thing . . . Ah fink that might have been a bit uncharitable, but ah don't want to overfink it; I was honest wif the person, I just didn't give MY idea . . .
Anyway, the lines at the toy-drive were long--good to see that charity brings us out in our numbers. The bins were overflowing wif brand-new unwrapped toys--people are used to takin the used ones to the Salvation Army instead. Every time ah see the Salvation solicitors ringin their bells, ah remember when Jen Keane-Dawes said, "Them love ring de bell inna people face like them a labourite!" It makes me smile, and then feel weird, and drop an extra coin in their buckets as if that compensates for the indelicate humour. 'Tis a tasty challenge to be da Dainty Pig. Have a good day, luv--and rememba to Kiss De Pig.


Scratchie said...

Luv to de Pig,
What an evilous, and cruel and wicked Piggy to send people astray. :)

Fret not..Just teasing you Piggy. Having been there and done that. Don't worry about it.
I don't like eggnog so I'll have a spiked sorrel with you in mind. I read your post about looking for a photo of me but no there is none on my site. I'm trying to figure out issues I am having with the photo software. I think it may have something to do with our firewall.
I'll soon figure it out.
Have a great day. And thanks again for being there in my exams with me.

Sunshine said...

Melody-you're funny. So what's going to happen when in-law opens her gift and the other person finds out you bought exactly what in-law wants?
Don't like egg nog at least with real eggs. Like me Punch a creme which has evaporated milk, condensed milk and one bottle of Appleton Rum along with nutmeg and bitters.
Enjoy the mall this weekend.

Jdid said...

lol, well you couldnt inconvienience yaself wid de gift giving now could ya

Anonymous said...

Well, were I you, I wouldn't waste another second of worry on it. You did good in my book.

Mad Bull

Anonymous said...

Cho, I agree wid the Bull. Buy the clutch and celebrate Xmas merrily.

I still caan kiss the Pig. It too cold, I doh waan mi lips dem get frostbite.

And J. Keane Dawes is a trip, her articles a good laugh. I guess even moreso to you away from yard. I used to work at Allied Stores in Summer Jobs when I was in University...she worked with the company then, eventually she went into her present field.

Anyway, Chupsie. Dr. D.

Angry Dog said...

Melody, I not really a fan of the eggnog ting still--but u know what, the Eggnog ice cream sweet mi iya! So I shall certainly pick up some of that on the way home this evening (nyum, nyum). Anyhow, me gone bout mi business now, much things to tend to. BTW, did you say you were into something to do with books business-wise? If so, I have a few quick questions for you.


Melody said...

Nuff luv, SCRATCHIE, spiked sorrel or any kinda sorrel--I'm glad ta know you'll be havin a drink wif Da Piggy in mind! I'm lookin' forward to your picture. SUNSHINE, you're a thinker--GOOD question; ah might try your Punch recipe; it sound' ruff fe true. JDID, yu right: de inconvenience is precisely what ah was tryin to wiggle out ov . . . MAD BULL and DR. D, if De Piggy did good in your books, then De Piggy did good indeed! Ah never met Jennifer, DOC, but what a writer! De fings she used to say! DOGGY, the Edy's Grand eggnog ice cream is good. I'm not in publishing; my work is corporate communication--lots of reading and somewhat flexible--not a go-in-every-single-day-at-a-specific-time job.

Anonymous said...

The last encounter with eggnog resulted in regurgitation - eggs don't agree with me! I just spend my times luvin' PIGS!!!! :)
Kiss, kiss

Princess P