Wednesday, December 08, 2004

Late Start

Hi, Bloggers. Today started slowly for me--know what I mean?--but it's a nice kind of slow, no scraping snow off-ah de car, everyfing melt, de asphalt don't icy an' slippery--nice! Yestry-day, de weather got better as de day progressed, but in de evening ah just kept mi arse quiet--and chilled--courtesy of dat early-mornin snow.
Scratchie just flash 'cross mi mind a while aggoh; ah can just see him inna de exam now a butter it up. Him a get up now fe goh sharpen him pencil--oh, no, now him a siddung back 'caw de invigilator just tell him seh him caan goh sharpen it. No problem, him just find a next one inna him bag. Scratchie a soldier fe true, nutten caan hold him back. Which reminds me: De Piggy's got to search Scratchie's site later, an' see if his picture is anywhere in it. Oh, yes, and today, I'll add the links to mi Blog--ah tried it before, but it didn't work, because--ah fink--ah got de e-mail parts wrong, or somefing, or somefing . . . Ah hope ah have better luck today. Anyway, Bloggers, hope everyfing's goin' nice for you too--kiss De Pig, luv.


Jdid said...

have a good day piggy

Sunshine said...

Hi Melody;Just read your profile. What may I ask made you migrate to New England? I mean, can a yardie really exist in dat de cold!! I mean, just to think about it sends major shivers.
Anyway, stay warm.

Anonymous said...

We have better weather here today too Piggie. Yesterday was nothing but freezing rain and wind. Yuck.
Have a great day


Melody said...

Fanks very much, Jdid, Sunshine, and Ciya. Lawd, mi dear, Sunshine, sometimes De Piggy haffe wonder why this cold place of all places indeed; but it's really a good sort of place--plus when relatives live nearby . . . Yu know how it goh! Ciya, de freezin rain is de fing dat De Piggy just can't tek--too much labour for the brakes, an' all a dat; but wi just haffe deal wid it, noh true? Tek care.

Anonymous said...

Just coming by to chups the Piggy....but the place too cold....can't tek no frozen pork at all.

Doh fret 'bout Scratchie...him is a rude bwoy from the STGC Class of '81....bare bright bwoy...hear me nuh!
;-)) Him going mash de exam....nuh true Scratch????? Dr. D.

Stu said...

No snow here in Houston. That's good and bad. We don't get to play in snow and there is no chance for a White Christmas, but we also don't have to deal with the day to day concerns of show either.