Wednesday, December 29, 2004


You're at a party. Very festive atmosphere. De music and de menu? Food for de stomach AND de soul. De crowd? Good, lively people--and your special someone is in your arms, so de atmosphere yields fun. Here's your choice, luv: do you enjoy de marvelous moment, or do you grieve because you know that not too far down de road there's bound to be cause for your grief? Your answer is your philosophy and your lot in life.
Recently De Piggy's been lost in introspection. How does one reconcile Christmas wif cataclysmic disaster? Yuletide tsunami? Like Mr. Pig said, "Table-claat!! What a signs-an'-wonda, eeh man!?" Ah commented at Jdid's that this is de stuff ov life--de yin and de yang--much like sweet AND sour tingle more than sweet OR sour. Still, last Sunday's sermon that ambled along these lines left me wif more questions than answers--thus, ah didn't post any sentence from it. "It is given to man to live but once," so ah guess it's given to us to respond to ONE moment at a time. If you're at de party, get involved in de party; if de party's a wake, get involved in de wake. But don't squander de joy ov a birfday party, fearin' de certainty ov de next wake. Guilt at others' sorrow in light ov our own happiness is a high mental hurdle--De Piggy can't quite scale it either, luv; but ah do believe that sometimes de bereaved are uplifted by others' good cheer. (No; don't sing, "It's a weddy time again," at a memorial service.) Bear wif me, I'm workin' this out in mi head, while ah write it. Maybe, I'll grasp it all by de end ov this post . . . Maybe not. Enjoy your day, Bloggers!


Abeni said...

I know the feeling somewhat.Sometimes it seems almost sinful that you can be happy while others suffering but I suppose it balances it self.I dunno many more questions than answers.But as you say we just have to make the most of our little bit of happiness cos it fragile too.

Anonymous said...

Piggy, life is like the ebb and flow of the tides. When the seas are rough or calm, its how we ride them that makes the difference.

My day started with a funeral this morning. Left from that to have Chinese food for lunch with the rest of the staff of our Derm. service for the season.

Tonight, I am supposed to be heading to a nightclub. Should I not have had the lunch? Should I not go out and enjoy company and a few drinks on account of attending the funeral of someone who was my neighbour for at least twenty years? I doubt it, I feel Mr. H would want me to to enjoy myself. After all, he is in the better place now where there are no worries, cares or pain.

There's a time to laugh, a time to cry, a time to be introspective and a time to be carefree, a time to work and a time to play. This is the story of life. Enjoy it. I think God wants us to be happy. Dr. D.

Melody said...

That captured it, Kami: it feels almost sinful, when every time yu turn around yu hear about others' sufferin' de worst tragedies.
Dr. D, ah see what you're sayin'. We can't trade our share ov joys for others' share ov sorrows or vice-versa. De service, de lunch, and de club all call on different parts ov yu personality--an' yu haffe "pony up" for each occasion. More power. As yu said, a time for everyfing. Enjoy de Quad & de crew tonight!! Kiss kiss

Scratchie said...

I'll just add my ditto to Kami's and Dr.D's comments.

Sunshine said...

Go deh girl-express yuself! Excellent post Melody.
Yes, it seems almost sinful for us to witness such tragedies and huge loss of human life and alot just a few minutes of our time while watching the news.
My philosophy is to live in the present. Live in the here and now and relish the moment. The most precious commodity we have is time. WE cannot turn back the hands of time and get more. Once today is gone, it's gone. Yes, have your goals, but live each day to the fullest. Never take your life for granted. Life is for the living-so live and live hard.

Melody said...

Kiss Kiss, Scratchie, may this hectic day go well for you.
Sunshine, I appreciate de compliment. :-) Yeah, we really haffe mek each and every day count. Hope you're gettin' over de flu--New Year's eve dancin' tomorrow!!

Jdid said...

its all part of life i guess

Anonymous said...

I liked this post... I guess you're right, you just have to know when to sing "Its a weddy time.". ;-)