Sunday, December 05, 2004

One Sentence from The Service

De Piggy took this from today's sermon: "See Christmas and The Baby in a manger; think Easter and His crufixion on a cross."
On a similarly sober note, my condolences to Dr. D, Mad Bull, and Princess P, who are dealin wif some sad news. Let's summon God's perfect peace.


Anonymous said...

Thanks Piggy. I am not that sad myself...more sad for her children as I know just how badly the must feel having dealt with similar circumstances myself. Life my dear. Dr. D.

Melody said...

You're right, Doc, it's life. BTW, concernin CDs, ah fink yu might get a kick out of de new Raphael Saadiq album, "Instant Vintage." Yu can listen a bit at Naseo Fontaine, Eliane Elias, & the combo of Angie Stone/Calvin Richardson are Pigly faves too.