Saturday, December 11, 2004

Piggy Perseveres

Another day, and the hunt for bargains is still on. De mall them crowded, Bloggers, but where are the DEALS? Ah hope Jdid and Sunshine are havin better luck findin bargains than I am. It's fun to search for them, but, man, last night De Piggy soh tired after all a de hustle and bustle that mi come home, bathe, check mi Blog, and just goh straight to mi bed.
Still, all was not lost--de bookstores are doing their fing, and ah bought a few good gifts there. Ah got a nice big pop-up book of Frank Lloyd Wright's designs. I'll have mi husband send that off to our old neighbour, since that was that neighbour's field. (Ah was finkin of gettin him a framed print of a Wright design, but this book is much better. It can be a favourite for him, and a nice coffee-table piece for his wife.) Ah fink mi husband liked the idea too, because he stayed up for a while, opening the book to various designs and examining the buildings, and when ah woke up this mornin' the book was already wrapped! (Too much tape, though! Him waste de tape, and then when de people unwrap de present, dem can't possibly recycle the paper 'cause the tape going to tear it up--and ah splurged a bit on that pricy paper. Oh, well.)
I got also a hardcover with full-color illustrations on baby-care for a pregnant friend--ah hope it doesn't duplicate any that she already has. (Not likely, though, it's the couple's first child, and she opted out of a baby-shower.) Ah got a colorful food/fitness book for Mr. Pig, and a crazy joke book for de Piglet. Mr. Pig wrapped the joke book too (once again, him use too much paper and too much TAPE, so this really Jazzy paper not going to be recyclable--but of course ah won't tell him this til after Christmas, 'cause he's a sweetheart for helpin out). Ah hid his fitness book in mi sweater-drawer. I'll wrap it later. Got so sidetracked in de hype of de mall yestry-day that ah didn't make it to the clutch-purse--will definitely do that today; wouldn't want to wait too late! Have a nice day, Bloggers, and Kiss De Piggy!


Anonymous said...

Lawks Piggy, you nuh know that Kermits are usually not the best of gift wrappers!? Low de man. People probably doh care how the present wrapping look...if dem like me dem jus buss off the paper and dash it weh!

I haven't bought nutten yet, but I see de crowd dem starting and traffic a build up! Hate it. I will see what can be accomplished in the week to come. Doubt I will have posting time today....but we shall see what I can 'Doctor Up.' Chuuups. Dr. D.

Jdid said...

i'm hear building up the courage to go out. D I go downtown or stay close to the malls nearby. Decisions decisions.

Melody said...

Dr. D, most people just tear off de gift-wrap like yu said, and then Mr. Pig always turn to me an' tell mi, "Yu see it, Piggy? Ongle you fussy bout de paper." Ah won't bother him bout it at all--cause yu have a point--him is a man doing things a man's way--and on the whole mi always love that bout him.
May you and Jdid have a happy bargain-hunting--I had a crazy shopping day!

Anonymous said...

You all seem to be shopping down the place! I must go look something for the wife, Mamacita and Elaine during the week to come still. Then on Saturday, Natty and I can get a likkle something for MBJr. Thats it, shopping done!

Melody said...

Mad Bull, short list = short shoppin time; soh you did put off your shoppin til this week--but me have a long-ish list of people who ah get gifts from, and a tight budget, so de bargain huntin haffe start from early.