Wednesday, August 20, 2008

World's Fastest Then, World's Fastest Now

FYI: Pic on this post isn't a ChinaChambers scenario. Asafa, I'm puttin' your pic on this post, 'cause wi naw dash yu weh. You've been our champ for years, an' nutten caan stop de luv. De current winners like Bolt share de luv.

Will de fastest man in de world get de world's most impressive endorsements now?

Will Bolt be rakin' in de contracts like Anderson used to do?

Is that what usually happens wid non-U.S. champions, anyway?

Can yu imagine if Bolt face did bleach an' him hair did Sharptonized?

De man is a champion, an' now in particular a major role model. Asafa is a champion, an' now in particular a dif'rent kinda major role model, 'cause he's got a setback to rise above. De ladies were dark horses, eh, all champions an' role models. IT'S SO GREAT TO BE DE GLOBAL CAPITAL OF SUMTING OTHER THAN MURDER! JAMAICA!

Be inspired, all de pickney dem out there. Walk a mountainside. Eat cabbage an' green banana, an' ignore de burger an' fries. Dream yu dream, an' live it any likkle way yu can 'til de bigger days arrive. Inspiration a flow from de sprinta dem. Tek it. De sky's almost de limit.


Anonymous said...

Amen to this post Mel. I also love the closeness that the Jamaican team has demonstrated together. Dem cyan stop we.

Jdid said...

i hope they get some endorsements.

Abeni said...

Blue Mountain...Red Stripe.. and Nike


Well said!!