Tuesday, August 05, 2008

2 Two's

It would be nice if (wed or not) Mr. & Mrs. Pitt stay together. Mr. Pitt seems like a genuinely nice guy.

ChrisB an' RihannaF seemed like they'd make a nice couple, before they became a couple. Now that they're an item ... dunno. Treat each other well.


Abeni said...

Wait Angie and Brad got married? I really can't remember

So Rihanna and Chris B finally decied they are an item?

Melody said...

Dunno if Mr. & Mrs. Pitt married, but dem might as well, eh, Kam. Accordin' to People, Ri an' ChrisB are an item, but Ri look so unhappier now -- like a girl who's hurt by her own femininity -- silly as that sounds. ChrisB better be gentle. (Or maybe she feelin' obzocky wid her new hairstyle.)

GC said...

I was reading an Essence interview where Rhianna said they aren't together.
don't know what to think.