Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Happy Independence!

Jubilee! Jubilee!
This is de year of Jubilee.
Jubilation pon de nation!
Victoria dash wi weh.

Jubilee! Jubilee!
De Queen set harself free
An' freedom trickle dung to we.

Trickle likkle dung --
Jubilee, all de same.

De islands get life abundant?
Or abundant life sentence?
Praise God, an' mean it,
Happy Independence!
This is not Independence blasphemy -- if it's a blast-fi-me, it's a blast-fi-yu as well.


Stunner said...

Liking the new look!

yup, Jamaica 46 and going!

Abeni said...

Happy Independence

Melody said...

Thanks. Ah can't reach yu blog, Stunner, suppem wrong.