Sunday, August 31, 2008

Tami Chynn's New Look

(Tami & Sean Paul woulda mek a cute couple -- psst, Tami! S.P.! Get married to each other nuh.)
Her new look is reminiscent of Britney's best look -- Britney's blonde teenage look -- except that Chynn's got a shorter hairstyle.
Tami's lookin' good, though. Justin Timberlake woulda prob'ly faint from "mistaken Deja Vu" (Kinda like what Jdid wrote about in his "Faces" post.) to de way she favor de better-days Britney. De makeup people clickin' too: her eyes somehow look larger.
Anyway, har management know wha' dem doin', that's a proven marketable look, an' she sassy wid it! Roll it, gyal!


Abeni said...

Yup..really looks like Brit there

Jdid said...

nice hairstyle. i know the name but what she duz sing again.

Melody said...

"Hyperventilating" an' few more -- no Billboard #1 so far.

cooldestiny said...

JDid, check out her site to hear her stuff. She is wicked. Her sister Tessanne is also very good.