Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Cast Your Bread Upon The Water

Yesterday never promised me this mornin'
This mornin' never promised me this evenin'
Today not promisin' me tomorrow
But ah still mek plans.

Ah don't really mek firm plans, anyway, just tentative ones that hang pon de knowledge that He might change dem at any moment. That, ah guess, is havin' de fear of God. 'Cause God call any number any time. De one in de box can't mourn dem-self, frien' an' family do that, an' blame one another, an' argue 'bout de bizniz of de dearly gone.

Could this blog be a diary fi mi pickney dem look to for a deeper insight to me -- it's anonymous, but maybe not -- ah should prob'ly start writin' now wid great focus.


Jdid said...

i dont think ya write anything scandalous that the pickney would shame of. so juss write what ya writing

Abeni said...

Keep writing miss..good stuff this