Monday, August 18, 2008

Let's Call a Shovel a Spade

"Why dese girls bleachin'?"
"Why dem doin' such a eediat ting like damagin' dem skin?"

People are rational -- or at least that's what economic theory says. "Dese girls" are people, so at least in much-proven scientific theory, they are rational. They perceive a significant benefit to lightenin' a dark complexion, soh dem tek de significant risk of burnin' off de dark pigmentation -- repeatedly.

When will they stop? When:
1. ...pigs tek de wings of de mornin'.
2. ...all dem people inna Spain stop discriminate so politically incorrectly an' start to luv dem own black self:).
3. couple givin' de anti-bleachin' talk at de technical school no longer consists of a black "success story" of inner-city origins an' his near-white wife, who isn't enough for him, as he sneakily pursues de adolescent "brownin's" in his audience.
4. ...wi stop shunnin' de sun an' becomin' vitamin D deficient, for not havin' been "that black in a loong time!"
5. ..."high color" isn't a ticket outta de ghetto on some newly-famous dj-chantin' wagon.
6. ...When L'oreal no longer allegedly feels de need fi bleach Bebouncé.
7. 1drop rule an' de blue veins get sincerely done wid.
8. ...we understan' de all-encompassin' influence of ALL de world-powwa's characteristics (racial, cultural, an' otherwise.)
9. ...our own family members finally leggo de concepts of colonial/plantation social stratification.
10. ...newa World Orda chip een.
Everyone in every country inna de world is seekin' a path to "betterment," respect, an' social acceptance. De impetus for bleachin' is no mystery at all.


Jdid said...

true dat

was in a west indian shop the odda day an the indian woman behind the counter gettin some chat from one customer an hear her start off ya with something about ya "ol igrant black .......
i'm thinking to myself ok i know its all fun between the two but as a black customer in the store i could just as easily take offense an walk out.

so all that to say dem a bleach until telling someone how black they is isnt seen as an insult

Stunner said...

Bleaching is a phenomenon that has not only gripped many women in Jamaica, but also some men. It seems they think it makes them more attractive and will even lead to success. Black people need to be proud of their skin complexion and stop destroying their skin in this pointless pursuit.

Melody said...

J, that should definitely be on de list: "until telling someone how black they is isn't seen as an insult!"
Stunner, they don't think it's pointless. Like you said, they think it makes them attractive and that it will even lead to success. Question is, what they tryin' to succeed at!

Abeni said...

light-equal beauty so the bleaching will continue. The thing is bleacbed skin is so unattractive in my humble opinion