Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Shop Lock

Last night a lady called in to Pastess' radio show, an' started discussin' her personal life. De male callers' outrage to her info prompted Da Piggy to write this version ov Elephant's "Bad Man" song:
Bad man don't bathe
Them deh boy noh have noh rag
Bad man a weak heart
Yet him deh a road a brag
Shotta clothes don't WASH
A dutty clothes them boy deh wear ...
This version ov de song is supposed to be de female's response to de scorn that some ov those so-called "gallis" like Ele display toward women. How can men who claim to be ladies' men, show such scorn for de female body?
The lady on Pastess made de mistake ov tellin' people that she 'helped herself' now an' then (
Doc called this "takin' bizniz in hand" or "holdin' a back" in his recent post about a public flasher. Anyway, de worst part ov it for de woman was when she said that she's 64 years old. Oh no! One popular caller, David, said that she's too old to be settin' that kinda example, an' he'd NEVER let that woman cook for him, "She's a dirty woman, I'd never eat from har!" Others hopped on his band-wagon; a few women even got in on de act. Pastess had shows about what should be de right age for people to throw in de sexual towel. On those shows, many people said there's no age limit for men, but that women should retire from sex before they reach 60. Pastess says that this just shows how narrow people's views are, an' that de best example de older woman coulda set for kids was to call in an' discuss frankly some details ov her personal life as she had done.
Pastess has a point. Ah saw a psych on TV once who had de same view. She said she grew up knowin' very little about adult issues an' was totally unprepared for ALL ov it. She was candid wif de young girls to whom she directed her speech, tellin' them that their Moms shoulda already told them all that they were hearin' that day. She said she knew that their Moms prob'ly had de same experiences, that she wasn't de only one who learnt de hard way that sex an' love are very separate for a vast number ov men, that a man's body an' a woman's body were wired so alike an' yet so differently, an' that she wasn't de only rocket scientist who thought that she was really dyin' when she first had an orgasm. She said too many women are ignorant ov how their parts work. Well, if de responses on Pastess are much to go by, she can add a lot ov J'can girls to her list ov de sexually ignorant, 'cause those callers were sure puttin' on a pious act last night!


Scratchie said...

Kiss Kiss Melody,
An old saying is "mout mek fi say anyting". What is felt and what is said can be quite different. I do think we need to be frank with our children balancing what we think they can absorb but open to their questions.

Jdid said...

education is the key here.

Melody said...

Kiss Kiss, Scratchie, true word 'bout de mouth mek fe say anyting! Some ov those callers last night sounded like they gave birth after immaculate conception!
Jdid, those girls are bein' educated--but thru de WRONG channels. (BTW, no new post, mate? Ah fink your Blog's on a break:)

Abeni said...

Funny how society thinks women should stop having sex after a certain age eh.A few weeks ago me and some male friends were chatting about this and one of them said they would rather not think about it.The conversation came up after the Romanian woman gave birth and they were saying why would she even want to have sex at her age.Me,with my smart mouth asked how old Tina Turner is and if she should be having sex.Eventually it kinda came down to if you in good health etc then it probably ok.

Sunshine said...

Miss Melody!! I believe that having a healthy sex life, no matter what age is so important. Excuse the pun, but it's differnt strokes for different folks. I feel that in our part of the world women have a difficulty expressing themselves to their partners. I can't understand it. Jus tell de man wha fe do!!! Stop being pious. It only works against you. If yu like what him doing, den tell him right there.
Dem J'can gals can carry on uppity and persnickty in public, but Melody, dem nah benefit if they're not truthful. Nuh true.

Melody said...

Kami, some men do scorn women in some ways--age prob'ly bein' one way, but if anybody knows de fountain ov youth, Tina Turner does. She still booty shakin' an' such. You an' yu friends mentioned health an' fitness, an ah believe that's what it all comes down to as well. Arthritis a de wrong kinda agony.
Sunshine, yu know some doctors say that as women approach menopause, it's like "use it or lose it" where sexuality is concerned, 'cause de less you indulge, de more physiological 'minuses' take place. Goh deh 'bout de different strokes!

Anonymous said...

Am reminded of the words of a song from old times (showing age again Mel) don't remember who sang it tho......"A wah do dem, a wah do dem, dem, dem?....." Ask me why these people should think that a woman in her sixties should just allow her feelings for a little loving to quail up and die like a flower at the end of its lifespan. But, man mus can fat up belly 'till dem well into dem seventies???

Always thought that as a couple ages and eventually retires together, theres more time for sharing company.....and even a little sex too.

Yes, we raised in Caribbean homes are sometimes a bit sheltered when it comes to the intricacies of the human body. I very cosmopolitan 'bout these things. If and when I have any children, they will be introduced to the facts from pretty early. Kiss, Kiss. I didn't forget to chups this time! :-) Dr. D.

Melody said...

Kiss Kiss, Doc, wouldja believe mi husband always singin' that song! It's by Eek-A-Mouse. Mr. Pig's key brethren have a whole bunch ov oldies from when them used to play-out (weddin's, birfdays, an' such). Vegas sampled that Eek-A-Mouse in his Sucky-Ducky song, but it never sound as good as de original Eek. Anyway, sheltered or not, if only those callers shared your Cosmopolitan views, they wouldn't have ripped into de woman on de show last night, but ah guess it takes all kinds.

Sunshine said...

Hi Melody-I posted yesterday but I guess it didn't get posted. Anyhow, I believe that having a healthy sex life is all in the attitude. I find that lots of women, Jamaicans and foreign, a part from our European sistrens don't have a healthy attitude towards sex. I don't feel age has anything to do with sex. God created sex for the pleasure of women. Think about how we are built physically. Woman is the receptacle the receivee and man is the giver. If you ear itch and yu scratch is with yu finger-tell me which one feel better, yu ear or yu finger. Here's wishing everyone many more orgasms;_)

Melody said...

Yu serious, yu know, Sunshine. Fingernails scratch an itch, but them nawv noh feelin's? (lol) Ah fink maybe men an' women enjoy each other in different ways, but maybe wif equal enjoyment. Yeah, if yu scratch yu ears, yu ears feel but yu fingernail don't, since human nails don't have nerve endings like some other animals'. However, male organs might be loaded wif nerve endings, so when men 'give' they receive too. Ah can understand why our women struggle so much wif intimacy. In traditionally patriarchal societies, paranoia can be a useful defence for some women.

Anonymous said...

Ummm Sunshine....the male pleasure is pretty damn intense as well. Trus me! Give or receive...why you tink man love sex so!? Dr. D.

Anonymous said...

What a sexy post?! :-o
It just goes to show you that nuff fool fool people deh a Yard still!

Mad Bull