Sunday, February 13, 2005

From Today's Sermon

What Da Piggy took from today's sermon:
God wouldn't lead us to it, without leadin' us through it, so whenever life gets really challengin', take comfort in de knowledge that all is never lost an' you can never be lost wif God, because he'll lead you through de harsh times. Like de song says, "There's victory in Jesus."


Sunshine said...

Hi there MIss Melody; How yu doin? I'm just surfacing for the day.-meaning finished the housework and a little cleaning. Mopped Friday n I'm just finding time for myself. No cooking today. True words from your sermon. I believe it. My sermon today is from Charles STanley Ministry. He's on TV and I like the way he preaches. Today's service was on "Sexual Sin". Yes sah. In short he says the Bible preaches no sex before marriage. I know yu'all have views on that. Have a great rest of the Sunday.

Jdid said...

nice message melody. I like to think those words are very true.

Abeni said...

Youever saw this Mother Theresa quote."I know God won't give me more than I can bear.I just don't understand why he trust me so much"

That pretty much sums up how I feel about many things I went through.PS,whappen to yuh MSN.I got news for you

Melody said...

Hi, Sunshine, it's really a treat to find time for yourself, isn't it? Well, The Bible speaks on a lot ov stuff, mi dear, but no matter what any preacher says, ah believe de ultimate bizniz gets transacted between each one ov us an' God on an individual basis--Pastor coulda preach brimstone an' fire, him haffe answer too, just like we do.
Ah appreciate it, Jdid. Ah like to believe those words are true too--especially in de really tryin' times--or ah don't know what ah woulda do sometimes!
"Just don't understand why He trusts me so much!" LOL, Kami, ah can relate to that. (Ah finally loaded de updated version, soh now ah can get back on MSN again.)

Anonymous said...

True words Mel. If only we would bear these words in mind and live by them when trouble tek we. Dr. D.

Mo said...