Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Make A Piggy

Kami's good friend, Virgo, posted a "How To Make Me" chart that ah found quite interestin', so ah commented that I'd add such a chart to mi Blog, an' here's Da Piggy's version ov it (only de data, not de columns an' rows, 'cause ah don't know how to do that part):

How to make me:

1 part industrious
1 part (mad-scientist) creative
2 parts nutty an' impulsive (:^)
2 parts loyal an'

So, Bloggers, would ya like to say even one ov your own ingredients or how to make a 'you'?


Abeni said...

5 parts success
5 parts humor(I think)
and 3 parts ego.

Scratchie said...

I fink I got 1 part of everyfing. ( I have got to stop writing like Mel) Let's try again...I think I got 1 part of everything. Maybe that's why I'm always so mixed up...get it? get it? heh heh heh. Chalk it up to sleep deprivation Mel.

Sunshine said...

Hi Miss Melody-I like the photos eveyone posting with their comments. I'll need to get one posted.

My ingredients:
Humor and whole heap of it.
Passion for life.
Have a great day Mel

Melody said...

Kami, ah understan' de success an' de humour, but ego? :-) Yu seem so embarrassed whenever yu get a compliment!
Kiss, Kiss, Scratchie--yeah! Write like Da Piggy--Pig Latin's fun! Ah believe yu 'bout 1 part ov everyfing--sleep deprived or not!
Hi, Sunshine, your ingredients are on point--especially de passion part. (Yu know, Blogger puts de profile picture in de comments section, so no one has to post a picture wif every comment. I'd LUV ta see your picture.) Have a great day too!

Sunshine said...

Hi Melody-Man, me no know if I gwaan post photo of meself. You raise de bar to high. Give me couple more months at the gym OK. LOL. I need to post a photo on my Profile section then. Thanks. Have a great day.

Melody said...

Sunshine, yu mean de crazy-bar! Yep, ah raised de bar ov craziness--'cause yu know that was a crazy fing ah did, postin' mi picture like that. (I'm brave on de Blog!) It was worth it: mi husband has to cook dinner every evenin' 'til next Monday, 'cause he bet me that ah wouldn't have de guts to post it--an' ah DID!! LOL! Anyway, yu won't jump to that level ov crazy, so post yu pic whenever yu comfortable to do it--no pressure, luv! Enjoy yu busy day!