Thursday, February 03, 2005

Blog Test

De previous was a Test Blog, but this is a test for Bloggers to check out their psych state. Answer de questions below, an' then interpret it wif de key below it. Try it, it'll be fun.

1. You're walkin' in de woods, wif whom are yu walkin'?
2. You see an animal, what kinda animal is it?
3. What do yu do wif/to de animal?
4. You see a house an' enter it, what's on de table in de house?
5. You step out & see a drinkin' goblet on de ground, what's it made ov?
6. Is it old/new--what do ya do wif de goblet?
7. You see a body ov water--puddle, pool, ocean, etc.--what is it?
8. What do yu do wif de body ov water.

This is supposed to give ya a glimpse ov yu own emotional predisposition.
1. De person yu walk wif, is de most important one to you.
2. De animal yu see represents your view ov yu fears.
3. How yu deal wif de animal is how yu deal wif yu fears.
4. What's on de table's what yu take from life--flowers/food=joy.
5. De goblet yu see is yu view ov what you're made ov.
6. How yu treat de goblet is how yu treat yourself.
7. De body ov water represents your sensuality.
8. How you indulge or refrain is how yu indulge or refrain in life.

What do ya fink? Does it reflect de real you?


Scratchie said...

Hi Melody, Interesting is the only thing that comes to mind right now. Some of the questions were me some I can't be sure.
Have a great day.

Sunshine said...

Hi Miss Melody-Interesting test. I won't go into what my emotinal disposition is. However like Scratchie indicated some were accurate, others, well.....but fun all the same.
Have a great day.

Abeni said...

The way I deal with my fears..correct
The way I see myself...correct
Most importnat person..correct

The rest not so accurate.

Jdid said...

1.ok, I'm in the woods alone,
2.I see a dog
3.i throw two big rocks at he
4. a table cloth on the table
5.the goblet made of gold
6.its old, I take it melt it down and get paid. I'm rich ......
7.I see the ocean
8.I jump in

I still trying ta figure out what de table cloth mean doah :-)

Melody said...

That's how it is for most people, Scratchie an' Sunshine, some ov it is more on point than other parts ov it--it's just for de fun an' de interest ov it. Y'all have a great day too!
Kami, if it's right about de way yu deal wif yu fears, then it might also be right about de way yu see yu fears too, an' if it's right about how yu see yourself, then it might also be right about how yu treat yourself . . . Fings that make ya go hmmm!
Jdid, I'm in de woods wif mi Grandma, an' she's dead, so walkin' wif yourself shows that your most important person is YOU--unlike MY most important person who's dead. Yu see your fears as dogs, yu stone dem (LOL!), de table-cloth shows that you're preparin' your table, but yu aren't yet feastin', yu see yourself as gold an' you'll cash in on your value, your sensuality is oceanic an' yu aren't scared to jump right in--send mi regards to your LUCKY wife!! (In mi quiz, ah saw a Jabberwocky, he an' I did MJ's "Beat It" routine (dancin' wif mi fears?), fruit was on mi table, mi goblet was glass, ah shine' it an' put it away so it wouldn't break, ah saw de ocean too!! Ah was scared ov sharks or drownin', so ah waded by de shore. See--we're similar but opposites--one's brave, one's scared!

Abeni said...

Lol,I saw a tablecloth too and of course I ran from my fears.My goblet was glass(no surprise here)and I pass by it.I saw a puddle and I stepped over.

Jdid said...

lol, my goblet only gold cause I was thinkin a dem pimp cups the fellas duz have in the music videos, ha ha ha

Anonymous said...

Later. I doh waan rush it now. Dr. D.

Anonymous said...

Naw, is not me at all. Dr. D.

Melody said...

Kami and Jdid, when ah first did this quiz, ah tried to throw off de answers a bit by comin' up wif quirky stuff (Jabberwocky--mythical creature), but strangely de key still kinda fit who I am (so many ov mi fears have no basis in reality. :-)
Doc, at least ya checked it out--ah know it's not de kinda fing that appeals to everyone.

Stu said...

That is kind of weird.

I was walking with my wife
I saw a white bunny rabbit
I picked it up and petted it
A bowl of fruit was on the table
Old - I could not think of anything.
Used the goblet to get some water to drink

Melody said...

Stu, that means your luvly wife Jannis is de most important person in your life. You aren't afraid ov your fears (yu treat them gently as cute, harmless, fuzzy-bunnies! :-) Fruit (btw, Piggy saw fruit too) shows that you take much joy from life. De gold goblet shows that (like Jdid) you see yourself as precious-valuable, an old soul, an' you use YOURSELF to indulge in life--interestin'--drinkin' out ov de cup that is "yu-self." Yu see your sensuality as fittin' totally within your view--puddle, like kami said--unlike Jdid an' mi-self who don't fit ours entirely into our view, an' like J, you indulge fearlessly just differently--a connoisseur ov sorts, maybe--who knows!

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