Sunday, February 06, 2005

Happy Earthday, Mr. Marley!

Kami says it's possible to write about Bob on his earthday without sounding off at his widow who now has so much conflict. Here's a try.
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Ode to Bob, Owed to Bob

Bob, what would Jamaica be

If you were never born to we?

From Reggae to Dancehall, Deejay to Rap,

Jamaica woulda hardly deh 'pon de map!

What would Jamaica do were it not for you?

Win few Olympic race, then retreat into "A who?"

We all know, if you were never there,

We'd be ackee bidout saltfish, an' so-soh dry bulla bidout de pear.

Even now yu spirit chants in warm, vibesy tones

Singing, "Please don't yu rock my bones!"

But some still determined fe rock yu bones.

Them say it don't matter where yu bury

Because that can't change where yu did born,

But Jamaica fightin' to keep yu restin'

Forever within its arms.

We give thanks an' praise to Father God

For his blessed gift named Bob.

Happy Earth-strong, Bob!


Campfyah said...

Nice poem to Bob... Happy Earthday to him..His music and legend lives on, and on and on...

Abeni said...

Lol,you had to dig at Rita still eh.Gwaan with yuh bad self.Respect to Bob!

Melody said...

Hi, Camp! Luv for de compliment, an' good ov yu to stop by an' hail up Da Piggy!
Just couldn't resist--Miss Rits just found her way inna de poem, Kami, ongle she know how! (lol)

Sunshine said...

Hi Melody-Cho-yu so versatile. Nice little ode to Bob. Just love that part "don't rock my bones". Big ups to you Melody. Have a great day.

Scratchie said...

Hi Melody,
Good tribute to Bob. You have it in for Rita I see. Cho nuh bodda hot yuh nerves man. Just leave it to time.

Melody said...

Sunshine, ah appreciate de big-up 'bout me versatile. :-) Ah try!
Scratchie, I'm not 2 worried 'bout Mrs. Marley, she gotta do what she gotta do!

Trouble said...


Melody said...

:-) Hi, Trouble!

Anonymous said...

As much as I doh think his bones should be rocked from where dem deh, his memory will live on even if she does move them.

BTW, dem was supposed to have had a peace day on him birthday yesterday. Dem murdered five! I doh know. Remember the blog I had done about the proposed motorcade for peace and what I said it would have amounted to? And me nuh name prophet! SIGH! Dr. D.

Jdid said...

nice poem melody

Melody said...

Doc, de monsters seem bent on carryin' out their works, an' it seems no reasonable means can stop them. Wonder what unreasonable means can do it . . .
Much obliged, Jdid. :-) Have a nice night!