Saturday, January 29, 2005

Waz REALLY Good?

Bloggers, it seems everyfing's a health hazard these days. De basics that we took for granted even a few years ago (like pourin' quicksilver into dental cavities, or usin' carbs as de staple ov our diet) have suddenly become secret toxins. Women are told they shouldn't replace silver fillin's wif white ones within a month ov gettin' pregnant, because swallowin' even a minute amount ov that mercury could harm de baby in de womb--yet so many ov us walk around for years wif this stuff in our teeth! Then more an' more experts say that every-meal carbs are de leadin' cause ov diabesity (diabetes, hyper-tension, and obesity combined). But who doesn't love carbs in every meal? De secret is supposed to be organic legumes an' poultry or fish--oops! Doesn't sea pollution increase de mercury in fish & such? An' haven't grocery chickens been takin' de fowl pill long before small-chested women started takin' it? Never mind that we nuke our food wif microwave radiation, never mind that we use TEFLON-coated pots an' pans 'cause so many stores seem to avoid carryin' stainless steel but promote de heck out ov none-stick cookware instead. Technology's good, but wif each advancement, we seem to be paintin' ourselves more an' more into a corner--by de time we're TOTALLY tech-advanced, NOTHING might be safe for us. Computers give off radon, but they're in almost every job--are we paranoid yet? Oh, just in case we're not, smokin' isn't de only lung-foe (though MNCs promoted smokes to 5-yr-olds in under-developed countries in an effort to cash in on life-time chain-smokin'), hello, sugar-less gum! This is becomin' a bit much. Ah try to avoid gm food--no beef, to avoid steroids/hormones--like Tiger said, "We's big, we don't nyam pig"--but we all bite a pig in some form or other--maybe even in Cheez Trix. (An' btw, what de heck's de difference between processed cheese food or cheese product, an' regular cheese?) Fast food is slow poison, yet as de domestic (N. Amer.) market gets wiser to this, de restaurants just export de related diseases to less educated worlds (let's call those worlds "developin' countries"). Wow. Does it matter that just a few years ago, Coca-Cola took on de monumental marketin' task ov convincin' ACP (African, Caribbean, Pacific) populations to drink soda (Coke or some culturally-customized version ov Coke) instead ov water to quench their thirst. "Yeah! Don't drink water when you're thirsty--that's uncivilized--drink cold sugar to quench your thirst!" When Coke first dressed up Santa in its company's red & white, it probably had no idea that it woulda been able to follow de Santa outfit to as many countries as have heard about Christmas--an' which country hasn't? Greedy MNCs set out to purchase land around many countries' rivers an' streams, just so they can erect barriers to deny people access to their natural water sources, an' then turn around an' sell de same people bottled "spring" water from de same vendin' machine as soda--like soda's as healthy as pure water! An' btw, one MNC carries on years after it convinced people in African countries that its baby-formula was safer than breast-milk, causin' millions ov babies to die 'cause mothers didn't realize how toxic de water-formula mixture would be. (Mi only fitness goal was to exercise an' maintain mi current weight, but now that I'm monitorin' mi lifestyle in detail, I'm questionin' more ov this stuff.) These pre-natal check-ups do cause one to wonder an' ponder, don't they?


Sunshine said...

Hi Miss Melody-Me see yu up early too. I know exactly what you're saying. I once did a post on that and Mad Bull seh me nuh fe worry so. IT's scary what's going on out there. I try to buy organic produce and the likes. It's not all toxin free but at least I'm cutting down on my toxin intake. Ouch, that sounds vile. What to do. I've even cut down on buying seafood and when I buy red whole snapper I'm sure it's caught in the sea than farm raised. Excellent post.
Have a great weekend.

Abeni said...

I tend to ignore most if not all of the warnings.It seems as if nothing is good for you anyway,so I just eat basically what I want without pigging out.All I try to do is eat the basic food groups and that is it.But me and junk food are still best friends.

Anonymous said...

In some ways Mel, the more technologically advanced the world becomes, the more we make steps backwards. I have maintained from ages ago, that despite advances in technology, the world as a whole is not necessarily better off for it, as its only a small percentage of humanity that ultimately benefits from the advances.

There are lots of new wonderful drugs availabe for lots of illness...who can afford them?

How many people in developing countries have access to and know the basics of computer use?

Despite all the tech advances, there are still many worldwide who don't have access to a safe clean water supply, to food, shelter and healthcare!

I don't buy organic foods..too damn expensive. Where food is concerned, I try to go at in moderation. But, there still is a time when a nice greasy piece of KFC can't be beat! In essence, we have to live a little! Dr. D.

Anonymous said...

You have to be careful, Mel. Firstly, if nothing else gets you, life will do for you in the end. Then there is the fact that you can live too long. If you didn't plan your finances to a tee, once you can't work and support yourself somebody is going to have to be supporting you. Eventually your daughter-in-law will plot against you and poison you anyway. If that doesn't happen, then you'll be shoved into a home where you'll be ignored, bored and you'll die of boredom. The best plan is to eat oily food, drink liquor and exit this world in a timely fashion so that you don't get in the way of your descendants.

Thus spake the Mad Bull

Melody said...

Sunshine, it does seem like whatever we do to eat 'safe' foods is just de tip ov de iceberg, doesn't it? So much more is unknown. Yu right though, 'what to do?'
Kami, ah can understand why you just eat what yu want without worryin' about it--you'd get paranoid like me!
Doc, it's harsh when yu consider it fe real. It DOES seem like tech advance only inna one direction--towards $$ money for few, an' unethical exploitation ov many--2 much 2 consider!
MB, it's always de easy-goin' ones like you, devoid ov dietary worry, who live long an' healthy as ever--ah won't even speculate 'bout de fate ov those ov us who get paro 'bout food an' such!

Jdid said...

If you really study out all that stuff it would send you crazy because nothing's really healthy for you anymore

Melody said...

True dat, J., plus De Piggy's already venturin' close to mental.

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