Friday, January 28, 2005

Small World

Yu can't get away scot-free! (A scot was de tax that serf paid to feudal Lords)
Yu goin' meet yu Waterloo! (Waterloo's de Belgian city where Napoleon met his final defeat in 1815)
Please don't yu rock mah bones, cause ah don't want mah bones to be rocked!" (De only request that Bob ever made regardin' his skeletal remains, which if disregarded might cause Rita to meet her Waterloo.)
Evidently, some don't fear retribution too much, but retribution is a rough road. Small example, ah went to drop off mi Piglet at martial arts last evenin', an' was hopin' that someone would be loiterin' by de front desk, so that we wouldn't have to buzz an' then freeze outside waitin' to be let in. Luckily, someone was just bein' buzzed in. Ah tapped mi horn, an' de Piglet an' I made our way towards de woman who was prob'ly goin' in to pick up a child from de earlier class. She looked around, an' held de door, clutchin' her coat about her to keep warm. Then we recognized each other. She's de pushy store-clerk that spritzed De Piggy last Christmas! Oops! She looked like she thought, "There's de customer that gave mi de evil eye last Christmas!" She spun 'round quickly--almost as though she'd never seen us at all, an' walked off so that de door clicked shut. We knocked on de glass, as she walked away, but she wouldn't look back. We buzzed. We waited, hopin' that she'd soon be back wif her pick-up. Nope. She seemed to be takin' her own sweet time. We froze for a few minutes until a lady--wif her son, Matthew, Piglet's buddy--also early for de next class, was sent to see who was at de door. As we entered, we saw de pushy clerk finally leavin' wif two kids--prob'ly picked up her friends' kids for them. In those few freezin' moments outside, ah wondered whether this was retribution. Standin' outside when it's colder than hell frozen over sure feels like it, but it might not have been. Maybe, she'll be facin' some likkle retribution for bein' so spiteful an' vindictive--an' yes, Bloggers, it IS a small world, isn't it?


Abeni said...

Retribution,you poor thing;)

Jdid said...

ha ha ha. sometimes these things happen, lol

by the way ya kna I never realized that was the origin of scot-free, in barbados we duz say scotch-free doah lol

Scratchie said...

Retribution or not I think it's just plain wicked. It's inhumain to leave somebody out in the weather you guys are having. She will meet her own at some point. What goes around...

Sunshine said...

Miss Melody-de 'oman mean eh. Especially in the freezin weather. Nevva mine yu hear. I am one that totally believes in "retribution". That's why I never worry about people like that. Life will tek care of her, exactly what is due to her. I have to wonder, what makes people the way they are why they have to be this way with others. I'm sure de woman well miserable in her life. She nah get de sweet lovin is what I suspect.

True, true words if Rita waan move Bob's remains. Any word of what's going on with that? Haven't heard anything.
Have a great weekend Miss Ting.

Melody said...

Kami, it was ruff indeed. :-)
Jdid, ah used to say scotch-free too, but ah looked it up to put it in a Memo once, an' learnt it was 'scot' instead. Almost wrote 'scotch' inna de people Memo. (lol)
Scratchie, this reminds me ov de NBC comic who said he believes in Karma so much that he walks up to random guys at de mall, socks them in de stomach, then asks them, "Wonder what YOU did to deserve that ish?" Extreme, but that's how sure de clerk prob'ly is that what she did was payback--until she gets HERS.
Sunshine, last ah read on de 'Net, they said it was up to Rita & Bob's family to decide if his remains should be exhumed. Rita's quiet now; maybe de public outcry overwhelmed her, or it was really just a hoax. Enjoy your weekend!

Anonymous said...

So, what exactly occurred between you and the evil purveyor of goods? Dish!

Mad Bull

Melody said...

MB, not much dish. Seems she was on de steps at de side exit watchin' us approach, & as we entered de class, she & her pick-up exited into de cold.

Anonymous said...

The Brits would say she's a Bloody Bit*h!

Life has its way of dealing with such types Mel. Fret not.

According to the news, Rita is determined to move Bob's ashes to Ethiopia! She is in no rush, but says it will be done! Says it was his wish to be buried there...if so, why dem never bury him dere from when? Cho, me have more important tings to consider pon yaw. Rita bread well butter. Dr. D.