Saturday, January 15, 2005

Truly Heartfelt

I wrote this poem because my heart is full:

Jamaica Is Sincerely Sorry

Jamaica is sincerely sorry.
Not only has she been killing her own,
She has alienated also admirers
And she is becoming lost and alone.

She has been hemorrhaging
But none have stanched the flow,
Many have been trying bravely
Going where most would fail to go.

But those who would kill Jamaica
Do not want to see her healed,
So young Dr. Nanton arrived on our shores
Not knowing his fate was sealed.

He was a stellar son
Of St. Vincent & The Grenadines
And would foster broader Caribbean pride
For all that he was and promised to be.

Now, we feel not just the angry hurt of the parent
Whose offspring cut short its own life,
But also the guilty pain of the parent whose bad seed
Murdered a neighbour's son, wasting the potential of their joy and pride.

St. Vincent, we can't make it up to you
We've long been battling this evil ourselves.
We who love our island can only give you
Our heartfelt condolence,
And say that this abomination
Is not our country's way.
It is a scourge that has held our region hostage
From which--by God!--we'll all escape some day.


Abeni said...

Don't beat up yourself too much.It is true that we greiving for Ken and the tragic way he got killed but we cannot blame all Jamaicans for the senseless stupidity of one their countrymen.

Abeni said...

If you got Msn add

Melody said...

I appreciate that you don't, Kami. Such an evil murderous act has no good answer and leaves frustration as to why. Political corruption is one reason for some social malady, but in a country like JA whose crime rate is sky-high, few corrupt officials get demoted or dismissed, for their failure to protect people and to put an end to such savagery. Instead, most are planted in their high-paid positions, while evil continues to wreak havoc on innocent lives. (L8er re Msn)

Abeni said...

Kami_510.I put the wrong addy

Anonymous said...

Melody, no one in their right mind could blame Jamaicans for this. These are not my people, and the ones who carry on with these acts of evil do not represent the country in which I was born and raised.

When will we be relieved of this scourge...its been too long from years ago. Perhaps we who still live here will all be wiped out by then...I don't know what more to say! Dr. D.

Jdid said...

it could have happened anywhere the way i see it. too many bad boys in the caribbean these days

Melody said...

Doc, we've got to somehow believe that father God won't allow evil to wipe out good. Such cold-blooded evil could never be true J'can spirit.
Jdid, it's hard to hear more & more ov this from JA, a place where doctors, teachers, pastors, etc., were once revered.

Sunshine said...

Hi Melody-Thanks for that poem. Truly heartfelt. Violence and corruption are the elements that have motivated this heinous act. Obviously premeditated and planned. Like Dr. D. said-these are not our people that committed this.