Monday, January 28, 2008

Tribute to Heath Ledger's Life -- So Fully Lived

There was a blinding illumination
On the horizon
A brilliant being
Now ascended from our sight
Yet now most widely seen --
Trascendent, as always.

Angry, hungry Heath
Who chewed his inner quarrel
Like his rice & peas an' sorrel
So almost-accessible
So naked but invisible
Desperately Unique
And strongest when weak.

Such nuance and sporadic insouciance, no labels fit
No "sexier Matt Damon, deeper Jude Law, warmer..."
No Hollywood hunk, heart-throb, cliché, cliché, cliché
He was I must live my life today, today, today!
To transcend tomorrow...
So again, I am moved by him
Inspired to be my own gift
To move the world
With a whisper
Of gargantuan talent.

We can hold a death grip on the talent of
Ed Norton or Jake Gyllenhaal, or Matt, or Tobey, or ...
Or we can let loose our own talent
Into the world
Today, today, today -- as Heath did --
Had he procrastinated
That ancient soul yet ahead of its time
He might entirely have died.

But he hasn't.

Thank God.


Abeni said...

Well said Mel

Stunner said...

Great poem Melody!

Leon said...

Yet another woman mourning this hunk's death. Great poem.

Jdid said...

i mourn his death too. I remember even before the movies watching him in that short lived series Roar.

then when knights tale came out he was just the perfect riches from rags overcoming mad drama hero.

watched alot of his stuff over the years and rarely if ever disappointed. he chose great scripts like four feathers. still havent seen brokeback yet though. not sure i ever will

Melody said...

Thanks, all. Jdid, your reflecting on his work is akin to posterity reflectin' on your work if you release your anthology today, today, today...

Abeni said...

Where are you Miss Mel