Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Can't Be Ungrateful to God

We can't be ungrateful to God, coulda never ever be ungrateful to God.

A pet peeve of mine has always been de annoyin' questions of friends & relatives who constantly asked my husband an' me about our family plannin'. Sounds intrusive? That's what it was when they'd ask, "So what yu waitin' for? When yu goin' to have another baby?"

We sometimes had to snap at people or otherwise be a bit harsh to get them to stop de inquisition. They didn't understand. Then we'd prob'ly feel crummy for havin' shut down folk who meant no harm.

Anyway, God is good, great, and in His generous divinity, a few months ago, He answered de many late-night prayers of my husband an' me. Thanks be to God for our baby.

(It's been a lengthy recovery that included many changes for us, including relocation, an' ah wasn't keen on postin' endless complaints, so ah kept quiet on de topic. However, this experience -- this gift -- is too precious to go undocumented. Especially considerin' our recent escapades of suitin' him up like Santa, an' like a Teletubby. It's been joyous, so ah sharin'.)

Anyway, back to baby. I'm always tellin' him how delicious he is, an' mi top 3 reasons for not gobblin' him up:
3. His dad & his brother would B sad.
2. Ah luv him 2 much.
1. Ah got no hot sauce:)

God is good.


Leon said...

What a cute kid. True. You can never be ungrateful to God. Well, actually you can, if you're an atheist.

Stunner said...

From what the picture show he looks like a cute little bundle of joy!

GC said...


I especially like the idea of costumes
with all the trouble babies can give, you should at least have some fun at their expense

Abeni said...

God is good fuh real..Sweet baby and he blessed to have you

Melody said...

Thanks all, for de kind compliments.

Leon, yeah but that's expensive ingratitude:)

Stunner, for anonymity's sake, pic couldn't show all -- yu know.

GC, U said it: babies R a fun handful.

Kami, much luv, am doubly blessed to have him, U understand.

gela said...

Yeah, you're back, Congrats my dear, do nuh gobble him up. :) Missed you.

scratchie said...

As usual I'm late on everything but please accept my heartfelt congratulations (all-be-it late). You are truly blessed.