Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Women -- Especially over 30

Planning on having a baby? Especially, if it's your first:
1. Create a birth plan (e.g., If U don't want students participating in your delivery, say so!)
2. Grill your doctor like a cheese sandwich to see which MD is most likely to stick to de plan.
3. Avoid their usual moneymaking tricks: e.g., they request extended foetal monitoring -- try to send you to a delivery room early -- request last-minute ultrasounds: all of that "just because."
4. They make way more $ from caesarean surgery (affectionately called c-sections, like Condoleeza's now affectionately called 'Condi' -- don't de media know how to sell stuff!) Vaginal delivery means less $ money to them. More money is often their prime objective.
5. Epidurals (especially catheter as opposed to injection) can immobilize and disorient you at a time when you NEED to be alert, and make it difficult to push -- then what? Caesarean section!
6. Do you want to feel old, depressed, violated, and generally unhealthy? If yes, disregard my warning. If no, beware, beware, beware, beware.
Surgery & anaesthesia are no walk in the park. This is serious.


LoveMyselfFirst said...

excellent post! i 100% wholeheartedly agree with you.. although i don't have kids, i've worked in the medical field.. and they push c-sections like candy because it's more money and easier for the drs. they've gone up 30% in the last 20 years. i wonder why? lol nice page, btw

scratchie said...

We used to hear about a certain doctor in Ja that once you went to her you were guaranteed as a c-section case. Haven't heard much about her these days. I guess people wised up.

Jdid said...

c-sections are easier on the drs. delivery by natural means is more of an art form to be learned and the new aged doctors dont have the time to teach the new guys this art so everybody rush for c-sections.

apparently a midwife is a better option than a doctor these days if you can find it.

we dont have the problem with the early move to the delivery room. its the opposite here. they want you to stay home as long as possible. they would love it if when you arrive they only needed to use the delivery room for 5 minutes

GC said...

lol@ JDid's comment
5 minutes in delivery room! good one.
But it is totally true.

Melody said...

Lovemyselffirst, worst part is how some MDs now cause one surgery to lead to another and another, and so on. Thanks for stoppin' by.

Scratchie, safest for dem to wise up, but in de northeast US, de field so large, she coulda hid & practised into perpetuity:(

J, dem send yu to delivery room early, while dem plannin' de 5-minute cut & tek out. HMO/PPO midwives R needles in haystacks. Totally agree wid yu re 'new guys' approach.

GC, thanks for stoppin' by.

Leon said...

Agreed. Thanks for sharing. Now when I get a wife, I'll be wise to the doctor's tricks.

Crankyputz said...

Are you having a wee lil one, is that why you went AWOL???

Abeni said...

CP.I wondering the same thing too. I don't want any C section if and when I have a baby. Know all too well what surgery is like

Melody said...

Exactly, Leon:)

CP, the answer is a probable post.

Kami, check your email (also pertains to our discussion a while back).

Stunner said...

Thanks for the tips Melody, when I decide to settle down and bring a little Stunner into the world I will be wary of these tactics.

Cooldestiny said...

Very nice Melody. As a recipient of 2 C-Sections in a year ... I'm don't think I was duped by the docs though. 1st time, my son's heartbeat was down to 40bpm as opposed to the normal 110 - 140bpm ... 2nd time around ... because of the 1st time around less than a year before :) ... mi bad eah.