Thursday, August 17, 2006

On Doing What U Luv

Years ago, ah worked in an environment where everyone was super-stressed. Coworkers cowered in de V.P.'s presence, because he was de one who reported bi-monthly departmental exam results. (Not every employee had to sit these, but 'Jr' underwriters, etc., had to.) Others worried about failing all de likkle exams up to de 'big exam', not getting their licences, and missing out on de positions that required Series 6, etc.. De company even had supposedly state-administered counseling exams that followed in-house/online training & texts for HR. Stress. De point is, after Piggy made de switch from that to other work that made mi happier (feelin' at times like ah was chickenin' out, mind U), ah found out that even people who R still there weren't/aren't happy in that career. Gotta earn that dough. (I'm not talkin' about bein' frustrated about some aspects, but enjoyin' de overall work. e.g., Mr. Pig walked away from music production, when he was younger because, as he put it, "Wrong time!" but he enjoyed every minute while he did it. No. I'm talkin' about actually hatin' what U do while U do it.) Ah guess de true test is this: If U won de lotto tomorrow, would U do any-ting even remotely resemblin' your present occupation? (After all, wealth is freedom--in so many ways.) But health is wealth (i.e. freedom), and U've got your health, so would U make de switch now?

P.S. In unrelated news, heard that Vaz Prep's founder passed away. Condolences. Had it been Mrs. Ulett, however, many J'cans woulda been weepin' & moanin'.

Must Add: Just found out that today is Kami's Birthday! Happy Birthday, Kami!

Sunday, August 13, 2006

From Today's Sermon

"Success has many fathers, but Failure is an orphan." (i.e. Everyone wants credit, but nobody wants blame.) Repentance requires acceptance of blame. Let the redeemed in the Lord say so. Have a blessed day.

Thursday, August 10, 2006

Praise God!

It's great to have some serious career advancement. God is good, great, almighty!

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Prodigal Piggy

That's how writing mi current post feels.
Having parked mi blog for over a year, writing on it again is a weird feeling. I'll let go of the Pig Latin that always graced every sentence on this blog. Why? Well, this blog continued to age even in my absence, though I left it on its own for so long. I've treated blogging just as inconsistently as I've treated my own dreams. Lord. Now, the blog's older and wiser, and so is the BlogPiggy. A year brings many experiences: some good--some difficult to get over. When I first started blogging, I really thought blogging came naturally to me--just dive right in! I thought I took to it like a fish to water--and what kinda crap is that analogy anyway? Fish don't take to water--water is all they'll ever know until they die--it's not like every fish starts off warming a bench at some Kinder-Prep, and then gets let go into the wild--into the ocean--at a certain age (maybe right before GSAT/Common Entrance), when the world celebrates how quickly every fish takes to its secondary environment. Reality check: waterless environments have never existed for living fish. ANYWAY, the point is, I blogged in all the ways a person shouldn't blog: I discussed my dearest prenatal plans in such detail that in any negative eventuality my disappointment could've only been as painfully detailed, had my entries continued as fervently as they'd started. On the blog, I harshly criticized what I perceived as my previous employers' unfairness, etc.. I wrote about a few of my relatives' private situations (commiserating, I thought), and refused to remove the posts, even when they became aware of it and objected. (Now, I realize that wasn't about me learning to assert myself to some relatives. That's me still being wrong, but when it done a'ready, it done a'ready.) I posted mi pic on the blog, causing an awkward situation. I then cast the blog away from me, not realizing that (for impulsive me) a blog is a boomerang--not even realizing that even then it's a boomerang that really means a lot to me. It 's a great way to celebrate what I've always appreciated, e.g., J'can poetry, like I initially planned to feature on it. Now, Miss Lou's gone, and the urge to Blog her a goodbye poem--led me to write on mi blog again--to be the stranger knocking maybe too softly on the door of his own house (which he up and left so long ago). Reading the blogs linked to mine feels like navigating an old neighborhood, and the other blogs linked to them are like new development (houses, centres, etc.) on once-familiar roads. I don't delude myself anymore that blogging comes naturally to me, and I don't delude myself that I'll "reopen" this blog and start blogging mi arse off again, but this blog has to have a post that thanks everyone who ever visited it and took the time and energy to care what Piggy felt or did at the time of any posting. Piggy's blog must also apologize for retreating into itself in rougher times. Thanks, everyone. Sorry I up and disappeared. I never said it then, but I'll always appreciate all of you for allowing me to get to know you and share your life for a while and for your getting to know me and sharing my life for a while--actually, despite my seemingly inexplicable absence, truth is, I've never felt the urge to take any of that for granted, or any of you for granted. Here's a proper goodbye: Best regards, everyone--you've all always been kind to a naive, bright-eyed, sometimes selfish, sometimes sometime-ish, hypersensitive, but always-affectionate-in-her-regard-of-you Piggy. (MB, Dr D, Scratchie, etc., welcomed me so warmly back then, that I'm 4ever glad ah ever started bloggin'.) Cheers and Ciao! I'm smiling. Why? I'm honourin' mi brief sojourn in interactive blogdom, but this blog's been closed so long that maybe nobody will ever read this post, and yet it still feels good to have written what's in mi heart. Kisses, all! Life, Love, and Happiness!!

Monday, August 07, 2006

Soul Song

Miss Lou, I Love You.
Rest peacefully--yu conscience clean, an' yu heart clean too
You must have been one of the chosen few
Could say true-true
That you did every-ting you were called to do
And more.
You did the dramatic cultural wordwork of one hundred or two
You were the only Mommy that many knew
Yet has Jamaica always given you your due?

Now some criticizin' even the relocation of [Mas Eric] 'Mr. Lou'

Any-how figget 'bout that!
Not every-ting good fe eat good fe chat!

Heart full, but no eye-water
Walk good, Jamaica's Most Honorable Daughter.