Monday, August 07, 2006

Soul Song

Miss Lou, I Love You.
Rest peacefully--yu conscience clean, an' yu heart clean too
You must have been one of the chosen few
Could say true-true
That you did every-ting you were called to do
And more.
You did the dramatic cultural wordwork of one hundred or two
You were the only Mommy that many knew
Yet has Jamaica always given you your due?

Now some criticizin' even the relocation of [Mas Eric] 'Mr. Lou'

Any-how figget 'bout that!
Not every-ting good fe eat good fe chat!

Heart full, but no eye-water
Walk good, Jamaica's Most Honorable Daughter.


Gela's Words said...

Oh this is nice

Mad Bull said...

Nice... even me who is not all that into poetry can see that.

Melody said...

Much obliged, Gela and Mad Bull, mi try.