Thursday, December 07, 2006

5 Things

OK, so Stunner of de irie island photos has tagged me wid de "5 Things" meme, and am in an unusually "postly" mood right this minute, so here goes:
Here are 5 things U didn't know about me, de Melody Piggy Moppet:

-- Am compulsively private, but find that it makes people more likely to pry and be curious than they would be with someone who's less private and more willin' to share -- go figure.

-- Am not a fan o' gossip, & therefore have indulged in that extremely infrequently -- only when ah got ticked off at people pryin' an' decide to turn de tables on dem. Have found that many people luv gossip, an' therefore ah don't trust dem an' ah feel comfortable havin' very few friends.

-- Am not de gregarious type. Same way mi stay pon de blog until mi get accustomed to a blogger: am most likely to blog an' back off when ah meet blogs, thus givin' de other blogger a chance to reciprocate (which is kinda de only way for dem to quietly express, "Yeah, mi waan blog wid yu," or "No, mi naw really feel your blog perspectives.") It's a simple analogy to mi everyday approach to social life. Most 'fun time' interaction is wid mi husband & child -- am devoted to them. Want to always be there for them no matter what.

-- Have always been seriously attracted to mi husband (mutual attraction -- God is good). Anyway, he's aware of this and sometimes winks at me in a very knowing way in de midst of goin' about mundane things (while he's bucklin' his belt as he gets dressed for work, or even while we're in traffic waitin' for de light to change). This amuses him, 'cause am essentially a shy person, so de effect of this always momentarily "sends" me a bit.

-- Am admittedly somewhat old fashioned -- wha yu expect, mi grow wid mi granny! So much so, that de difference between casual & formal is ponytail or bun -- or maybe blue jeans versus black jeans. Of course, bein' old fashioned and excessively domestic doesn't mean not having aspirations -- ah do often consider goin' back to school for a doctorate (nutten to do wid mi journalism or business studies, a doctorate in suppem totally different that ah won't write on de blog right now.)

Awright, Stunner, that's it. Shared as much as ah could in that 5 things topic. Now, Jdid, U've been tagged.


Dr. D. said...

Interesting Mel.

Thought I would pass by as it has been a while since I kissed the pig.

Island Spice said...

I'm feeling a lil closer to the pig right now! :)
I think its ABSOLUTELY sweet that you still have a thing for your husband. That one got me right HERE. And hell yes go for the Phd.
Have a good weekend Mel.

Crankyputz said...

Aww Sweetness......your hubby winking at you makes you go into a frenzy....its the little things eh?

Melody said...

Smooches, Doc, as sporadically as de pigly posts been goin' up recently, any recent sporadic visits understandable:)

Hail, Island Spice, yup, yu know de ting: am aimin' to go back to school for it -- "when" is another matter, but yu know how it goh sometimes. Have a nice weekend!

Hi, Crankyputz, not a "frenzy" but an understated response;) Nice o' yu to drop by, will check yu out.

Stunner said...

Well, well, now i know a likkle more about di Melody piggy!

What you say about people always trying to pry into your business when you're quiet is ture. I guess it's just curiosity.

I hate gossip too.

Abeni said...

How come I knew all of this before? You gotta do another five:)

Melody said...

Stunner, sometimes it really seems like harmless curiosity, but sometimes it seems almost invasive -- but then others mightn't see it de way we do.

Kami, mi naw romp wid yu innoh:)

cool destiny said...

Wow. Nice to meet you Melody.
We have 1 & 2 in common. I'm not married yet but the bf and I share those moments too when we're driving in traffic or when we're together or when I visit him at work. Very very nice ... the juicy feelings I get :)

Gela said...

Omigod,a post from piggy! Yeah!

I love this post too, I got quite a bit of an insight on you. Very nice.

You and your huzzy. Ahhh, love that the love is still strong.

Leon said...

It's been a while since you've posted. just came over from Stunner's. A nice five you've got here.

Jdid said...


well since is you tag me i'll do my part

Yamfoot said...

I had no idea you had started to repost. Ah did delete you long time from my blog roll. so one day when i am feeling energetic, i will add it again

Melody said...

CD, 1 & 2 are mi social staples.

Hail up, Gela, mi know mi post dem few & far between, but some-time...

Leon, ditto:)

Luv U 4 it, J.

Zeen, Yammie, mi post on & off anyway.