Friday, October 13, 2006

This Noh Right

What seemed most noteworthy to me today was a report that someone (possibly gov't worker) had leaked Golding's tax return to The Gleaner, ostensibly to inform the public, but most likely as payback for his exposure of the questionable contribution. Woulda blogged just about that, but then ah read this.
OK, so a 7-yr-old girl was raped by five 9-yr-old boys at a primary school (Dunrobin). Five boys admitted that they dragged her from the bathroom when she was there washing her hands, and took her to an abandoned building where the assault took place. NOT ONE OF THEM WAS PUNISHED. School officials then not only proceeded to hide it, but also started smearing the girl even further by implying that she's "mental." Then they further assert that she's in the wrong school, that she should be in a 'special' school.
No, brethren, somebody head woulda haffe roll.
Some study has been done by a clinical psychologist recently which allegedly showed that many J'cans have 'low emotional intelligence' & that this was why empathy was all but extinct in some circles. Mi noh know. Maybe him right. All me know, somebody head woulda haffe roll.


Gela's Words said...

Melody, I read those two and thought about blogging about them as well.

Re the Golding tax returns, I thought, how pathetic!

The people in charge at the school were quite insensitive in how they dealt with the situation, I thought.

Leon said...

"Low emotional intelligence." Interesting. Golding tax returns. Sounds like the work of a pissed off comrade. The raping thing is just sick. Is a school's repuation worth more than justice?

Shotta M said...

If it was my daughter, head woulda roll, chop, scalp and shrunken.

Abeni said...

Lord,how do 9 year olds come up with such a horrible idea?

cooldestiny said...

Piggy, the story gets even more twisted as it turns out that the girl was raped prior to the assault by these 9 year old boys so the Plot thickens.

Can you imagine how many cases like this we are not hearing about? It's like sex has taken over our society from the very young to the very old. What is happening? It's the environment our children are growing up in and all they are exposed to. My mother who is a principal of a school had a similar situation to deal with recently. The sad thing about it is that the girls who are molested do not report it as they are taught not to say anything, and not to "inform" on people.

All me know, anybody try dat raasss wid my son or my daughter when I have her betta have 'im grave spot pick out cause a dead him/she dead.

cooldestiny said...

I should also add that I'll have to do my best to raise my son in the most proper way so I won't be the parent having to deal with these kinds of situations.

Marlon James said...

Low emotional intelligence. I love when people say outright what others are thinking. My friend just fired his gardener for stealing. I asked him if in doing so did he also call the police, threaten the man's life, took out a service with hawkeye, consult the local don man and attempt to gunbutt the jerk or at the very least make him so afraid that he pissed himself at thought of him? My friend said no. So I said then at least get some decent fire insurance. You'll soon need it. Now am I dealing with people of low emotional intellgence because that is the only way to or am I as low as the people I'm dealing with?

Stunner said...

The school officials were very insensitive, their heads should roll as you said! Mek it did happen to one a fidem pickney and yuh wulda si how bad dem gwaan! I think the research may be correct too.

Our society is certainly going down hill faster than we think!

Scratchie said...

Agreed and enough said.

Melody said...

Gela, it was pathetic & sooo tacky!
Leon, de 'emotional intelligence' sounds like a slight, but some o' de masses really bear it out.
Hear, hear, Shotta.
Kami, music, pop culture, no brought-upsy, U name it.
CD, also consider how U'll also have 2 protect him from hooligans who're bein' taught every-ting that's savage. De ones we never hear about, we prob'ly still hear from, 'cause they grow into broken people & perpetuate de abusive cycle against themselves &/or others.
Hello, Marlon, nice 2 meet U. Your friends gardener prob'ly has more access than your friend does 2 de avenues U suggested. Him prob'ly have whole heap o' police friend & gunman friend, & him prob'ly friends wid an area-don.
Stunner, it couldn't happen 2 fi dem pickney -- dass why dem feel soh secure. Sometimes it really does seem like it's downhill fast.
Hail up, Scratch, yup: 'nuff said.

Mad Bull said...

Sad story re the little girl. So maybe she is slow... does that make her worth as a human being any less? No. If she was my daughter, I really don't know what I would do.

Dr. D. said...

I didn't hear about this rape at all. How do 9 yr olds get these ideas? Sad indeed.

Jdid said...

oh my goodness. this is just sick. too sick for me to even find words to talk about it. 9 year old rapist, what de ass dis world coming to? good gosh! at 9 all you should be doing is pitching marbles and throwing bout rocks. damn!